Seasons on the Farm


The blossoms are thinned by hand to assure a nice-sized peach, irrigation ditches are cleaned in preparation for the first watering, and wind machines and orchard heaters are prepared to protect against spring frosts. New trees and the garden are planted, and bees are brought in to pollinate the fruit.


Harvest begins in June with cherries and apricots and continues into October with the late-variety peaches. Baskets brimming with fruit, vegetables, and berries are brought into the farm market, and peaches are sorted and packed for wholesale orders. Everyone is kept busy from daylight till dark during our busiest time of the year.


Orchards are watered one last time and prepared for winter. Irrigation systems are drained and the farm market and kitchen are packed up for the winter. Ladders, boxes and equipment are tucked away in the barn.  We usually take a little time to relax before we start the winter work.


We keep busy by pruning our 16,000 trees by hand, doing maintenance on equipment and buildings, and tackling projects saved for a cold, wintery day. It’s also the time to visit family, catch up on a little reading, and look forward to another great season!